New solution for Epilepsy

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The author investigated how the number of epileptic seizures changes with the use of a “magnetic water activator” that the author manufactures and sells.
The magnetic water activator is a tool that activates water by magnetism, and the participants in the experiment drank water through it for one year.
As a result, 75 people of all age and 8 dogs & cats reduced their seizures by half within 1 year, as shown on the table below.

◆ Seizures decreased in 56% of cases after one year.
When asked if the number of epileptic seizures had decreased compared to before the program began, 46 of the 83 monitored cases (56%) reported that their seizures had decreased. In dogs and cats alone, all eight responded that their seizures had decreased (see figure below).

◆ Calculation of epileptic seizure frequency
The change in seizure frequency was calculated from the responses to a question asking how many seizures the patient had before starting this method and how many seizures he or she had now, one year later.
If a patient had about one seizure per month a year ago and now has one every three months in the past, the residual rate is calculated as 4÷12=33% and the reduction rate as (12-4)÷12=67%, based on the conversion that the patient had 12 seizures a year ago and the current estimate of 4 seizures a year. The “can’t calculate” is a case in which the reduce rate could not be calculated because the seizures had just started or the number of seizures a year ago was too small.

◆ In the “decreased” cases, the rate of decrease was 73%.
The overall number of epileptic seizures has decreased by 49%, as seen in the table, but when statistics are taken only from those who reported that they were aware of a decrease in seizure frequency, the number of seizures reduced by 73%(residual rate 27%).


The monitors’ responses indicate that there are degrees of severity of epilepsy. This method appears to be effective for simple epilepsy with unknown triggers.

It may seem wild to equate people with dogs and cats, but the opposite is true. The structure and operating principles of the brain are almost the same in all intelligent animals, and the physical phenomenon of epilepsy is almost the same in humans, dogs, and cats. Therefore, the true remedy for epilepsy is a method that can improve epilepsy in the same way in humans, dogs, and cats.

This is the first time in human history that a large number of epileptic patients drank magnetically activated water for an extended period of time. The results were the first known to mankind, and no one can deny them without conducting the same experiment.

New Theory of Epilepsy
Mankind does not yet have a proper theory of epilepsy. The author here presents a new theory of epilepsy based on these new facts.

◆ Definition of Epilepsy
The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) defined epilepsy in 2005 as follows.

ILAE thus says that there is a predisposition to epilepsy.
◆ How does symptomatic epilepsy occur?
Epilepsy is classified into detailed categories, and it is said that “epilepsy is a complex disease with many different triggers and symptoms, as shown below.

However, no matter how finely epilepsy’s triggers and symptoms are classified, it is still foggy how the triggers and symptoms are connected. For example, if a child is born with a congenital brain disorder and develops epilepsy, it is diagnosed as “symptomatic epilepsy due to a congenital disorder,” and if a person is struck on the head in an accident and develops epilepsy, it is diagnosed as “symptomatic epilepsy due to head contusion. But why does epilepsy occur when there is a congenital brain disorder? Why does epilepsy occur when the head is bruised? Modern medicine can not explain it.
◆ Epilepsy should have common events specific to it
Even if epilepsy in infants is caused by a predisposition to epilepsy, neither predisposition nor genes have anything to do with epilepsy in adults in their 40s and 50s who have epilepsy from head injuries. Therefore, for the theory of epilepsy predisposition to make sense, it is necessary to consider epilepsy in infants and epilepsy caused by an adult bumping his or her head as two different types of epilepsy. Thus, epilepsy has been classified in detail.
However, in general, in scientific research, finding differences among objects and classifying them in detail may lead to the study of their branches and leaves, but it does not necessarily lead to the clarification of their fundamentals. On the contrary, extracting commonalities and summarizing them without focusing on small differences among objects will lead to the elucidation of the root of the matter.
A bump on the head and a congenital abnormality are completely different events, so even if both of them cause epilepsy, these events are not common to epilepsy. However, modern medicine has completed its explanation by lumping them together and calling it epilepsy, saying that there are many different types of epilepsy and that epilepsy is a complex disease. That does not solve the problem.
What happens when you hit your head? What happens in congenital abnormality? If epilepsy occurs in both cases, there must be common events unique to epilepsy. By extracting them, the fog will lift and the essence of epilepsy will become clear. However, it will not be revealed unless “predisposing factors” are removed from what modern medicine regards as triggers of epilepsy. (see figure below).

Even if there is an event that triggers epilepsy, if it is blocked at the common events, epilepsy should not occur. In this study, we believe that this has been achieved.
◆Monitors wanted
The study is planned to continue with an increased number of cases and an extended period of time, and the author continues to recruit monitors. The experiment does not interfere with individual medical care and does not require medical knowledge of epilepsy. It can be implemented by individuals and also by non-medical patient groups. If any epilepsy organization anywhere in the world conducts this experiment, the author will provide the tool from Japan. If the scale of the experiment becomes large enough and a reliable organization publishes the results, the world’s epilepsy problem will be solved to a great extent.

Book contents

Introduction Overview of the Study
Part I. New Theory of Epilepsy
Chapter 1 Common Events Unique to Epilepsy
Chapter 2 Epilepsy is a Physical Phenomenon
Chapter 3 Epilepsy Begins with Brain Deformation
Chapter 4 Deformities Occur on the Surface of the Brain
Chapter 5 Insufficient cerebral spinal fluid infiltration due to cerebral sulcus stenosis
Chapter 6 Insufficient cerebral spinal fluid infiltration due to cerebral sulcus occlusion
Chapter 7 Epilepsy is a brain charge
Part 2. Measures to Improve Epilepsy
Chapter 8 Drinking magnetically activated water
Chapter 9 What is magnetically activated water?
Chapter10 Record of One Year of Practicing Improvement Measures
Written in April 2023